Undergraduate ProgramsPast Honors Theses



Brown, Woody
Upward Bound: Collected Stories
Faculty Advisor: Mona Simpson

Frankel, Lily
The Lily Frankel Show and Other Stories
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Guzman, Frances Nicole
Faculty Advisor: Reed Wilson

Kim, Young G.
Fascination: Sixteen
Faculty Advisor: Mona Simpson

McNeely, Tara
All Things in Situ
Faculty Advisor: Reed Wilson

Shin, Jane
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Zheng, Alice
All Rivers Run East to the Sea
Faculty Advisor: Brian Kim Stefans



Dodd, Payton
Doomed Voyage: America’s Evolving Relationship with Moby-Dick
Faculty Advisor: Blake Allmendinger

Haslam, Jeffrey
A Social Disruption: The Decentering of the Individual in Contemporary Dystopian Fiction and its Challenges to Humanism, Posthumanism, and Neoliberal Individualism
Faculty Advisor: Michael North

Joseph, Rwiet
Blood as Reference to Fear in Dracula
Faculty Advisor: Megan Stephan

Leung, Ashley
Liberate the Asian American Writer: Embracing the Flaws of Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club
Faculty Advisor: Jinqi Ling

Montecillo, Janice
Baddies & Bodies: Remembering and Dismembering IMVU
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Snelson

Robles, Lillian
“The Spasmodic, the Obscure, the Fragmentary, the Failure”: The Negative Formation of Character in A Room of One’s Own and Orlando
Faculty Advisor: Louise Hornby

Sakuma, Evan
Performing Asian Americans for the End of the World: Reimagining the Inscrutable as Resistance in Asian/American Theatre
Faculty Advisor: Summer Kim Lee

Sidiqi, Mursal
Experienting on Oriental Women: Tracing Oriental Women’s Representations in Western Discussion of Bodily Autonomy and Desire in the Eighteenth and Nineteeth Centuries
Faculty Advisor: Saree Makdisi

Soetirto, Rania
Historical Retrospection and Ambivalence in A Tale of Two Cities
Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Grossman

Williams, Ellen
Sins of the Father: Race and Genealogy in the Medieval Imagination
Faculty Advisor: Matthew Fisher