Undergraduate ProgramsPast Honors Theses




Alarcon, Pauline
About Face
Faculty Advisor: Brian Kim Stefans

Bhargava, Ananya
Bhaav Mat Kha
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Snelson

Castillo, Karen
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torrres

Chen, Madelyn
ABC (American. Born. Chinese)
Faculty Advisor: Fred D’Aguiar

Elliot, Jodi Scott
The Stray
Faculty Advisor: Reed Wilson

Fram, Eric
And Death Will Know Our Name
Faculty Advisor: Fred D’Aguiar

Garcia, Sarah
Gayme On! A Queer Game Thesis
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Snelson

Harper, Taylor Leigh
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Snelson

Jean-Louis, Evelyn
Native Flowers
Faculty Advisor: Fred D’Aguiar

McNally, Eve
We First Came to Poetry
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Snelson

Nguyen, Christine Linh
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Park, Jiesung Diana
Body of Art
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Tamura, Kalena
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Trabosh, Amara
Worlds Adrift
Faculty Advisor: Reed Wilson



Arechiga, Brian
Mythic Pizza: Semiotic and Archetypal Significance in the Conspirary Narrative Known as ‘Pizzagate’
Faculty Advisor: Brian Kim, Stefans

Cook, Madeline
“No One Can See Behind Your Face”: The Female Fashion Model as a Posthuman Prototype in Jennifer Egan’s Look At Me
Faculty Advisor: Megan Stephan

Denny, Rachel
Painful Contradictions: Investigating the Intersections of Intraracial Violence in Black Feminist Fiction
Faculty Advisor: Richard Yarborough

Diaz, Jessikah
Embodied Disease: Femininity, Domination, and De Sade
Faculty Advisor: Anahid Nersessian

Dorst, Lauren
Alcott’s Conduct Manual: Educating Female Subjectivities
Faculty Advisor: Megan Stephan

Fieldman, Claire
“The Great Soup of Being”: Autotheory & Intersectionality in Cherríe Moraga’s Loving in the War Years and Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts
Faculty Advisor: Marissa Lopez

Ghosh, Kuhelika
Posthuman Time Beings
Faculty Advisor: Mitchum Huehls

Hernandez, Astrid
Narrative Strategies and Syles in Animal’s People and the Bhopal Reader: The Search for Environmental Justice through Distant Suffering in Bhopal
Faculty Advisor: Ursula Heise

Quintana, Jhemari
Chicana Punk Memoirs and Performances of Sublime Abjection: A Means to Reject Neoliberal Multiculturalism
Faculty Advisor: Marissa Lopez

Severson, Erin
“Be Not Solitary, Be Not Idle”: Tobias Smollett’s Expedition of Humphry Clinker in the Context of Early Modern Cure
Faculty Advisor: Helen Deutsch

Shaw, Carly
The Great Divide: The Moral Dimension of Socio-economic Structure in The Great Gatsby
Faculty Advisor: Joe Dimuro

Stepanian, Sevana
Victims, Perpetrators, and Implicated Subjects: The Effects of Trauma in Sherman Alexie’s Indian Killer and Toni Morrison’s Beloved
Faculty Advisor: Michael Rothberg

Wilson, Scarlett
Violent Rapture in the Age of Comfort: Mapping Chardinian Convergence in O’Connor’s South
Faculty Advisor: Lowell Gallagher

Wolters, Colin
Strong Passions and “Bad Thinking”: Honor, Physiology, and Order in Much Ado About Nothing
Faculty Advisor: Claire McEachern

Digital Humanities


Busco, Chris
How We Communicate: The Value of Literary Frameworks for Understanding Non-Literary Objects
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Snelson

Yen, Leia
Lost in Migration: Digitalizing Diaspora and Decolonizing Syrian Refugee Narratives
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Snelson