Undergraduate ProgramsPast Honors Theses




Austin, Peyton
Fall, Spring
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Dumas, Damon
Plots of Dirt
Faculty Advisor: Fred D’Aguiar

Forster, Rose
The Tongue of Those Who are Taught
Faculty Advisor: Reed Wilson

Gomez, Emiliano
an Elegy for middle american
Faculty Advisor: Brian Kim Stefans

Harris, Rome
Songs of Enlightenment: In Collaboration with Light
Faculty Advisor: Reed Wilson

Kukoff, Alexandra
Faculty Advisor: Reed Wilson

Sabala, Cole K.
White Bread Hedonists
Faculty Advisor: Reed Wilson

Tan, Corine
Have You Eaten Yet? Stories
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Wilson, Rhiannon
Computer Room
Faculty Advisor: Danny Snelson




Cepollina, Jacob
Disabling Charlotte Smith: A Marxist, Crip Theory Analysis of Class, Gender, Labor, and Disability in Romantic Poetry
Faculty Advisor: Anahid Nersessian

Choudary, Nida
Troublesome Minorities: Questioning Assimilation in The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Home Fire
Faculty Advisor: Rafael Perez-Torres

Duncan, Kierra
Mother, May I Please Have Some More: Melancholy, Maternity, and the State
Faculty Advisor: Yogita Goyal

Franco, Rafael
Unhappy Women and Creatures: Happiness and Its Patriarchal and Racial Exclusivity in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein 
Faculty Advisor: Michael Cohen

Hundley, Noah
Sermo Ursae ad Anglos
Faculty Advisor: Erica Weaver

Isayan, Talia
Breaking Byron’s Battlefield: Revelation, Representation, and Caesura in Don Juan
Faculty Advisor: Anahid Nersessian

Mikhaelpour, Talin
Kingly Infirmity and the Remedy: The Importance of Counsel in Thwarting Divinely Ordained Incompetence
Faculty Advisor: Debora Shuger

Monaghan, Susan
Oscillating Encounters with Meaning in Beowulf
Faculty Advisor: Erica Weaver

Nalbandian, Nicole K.
Unveiling Scheherazade: Superimposed Fantasies and Eighteenth-Century Reimaginings of The Arabian Nights
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Kareem

Peraic, Sebastian N.
Milton and Empire: Satanic and Edenic Colonization in Paradise Lost
Faculty Advisor: Debora Shuger

Reyes, Annabelle
External Show is not Sterling Worth; or, The Decoupling of Outer and Inner States in Jane Eyre
Faculty Advisor: Megan Stephan

Rodriguez, Angie
Invisible Labor in the Medieval World
Faculty Advisor: Matthew Fisher