Undergraduate ProgramsPast Honors Theses




Bribach, Winston
Take Up the Cross
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Fard, Anousheh
Asphalt’s Fever Dream Houses
Faculty Advisor: Karen Kevorkian

Karlsson, Dylan
Faculty Advisor: Fred D’Aguiar

Kunze, Nick
Fraternal Expectations
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Long, Alyssa
Miracles and Mistakes: A Collection of Short Stories
Faculty Advisor: Mona Simpson

Lovett, Johnathan
A Citizen of Late Hours
Faculty Advisor: Brian Kim Stefans

Parsons, Emily
Figuring Fatherhood
Faculty Advisor: Mona Simpson

Shin, Eunice
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres



Bozoukov, Samuel
Opening the Doors of Perception in Paradise Lost: Seeing and Hearing as Imperfectly Gendered, or as Tools for Divine Revelation
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Kareem

Bradley, Danielle
American Dream Versus American Reality: Carlos Bulosan’s Long Flight and Kerouac’s Road Trip
Faculty Advisor: Stephen Dickey

Carroll, Sean Ryan
Abolishing Reality: Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities, Philosophy and the Boundaries of Fiction
Faculty Advisor: Louise Hornby

Cohen, Ronnie Rachel
The Assignment of Gender to Artifically Intelligent Characters in Video Games
Faculty Advisor: Ursula Heise

Coronado, Priscila
Liminality in John Rechy’s City of Night
Faculty Advisor: Rafael Perez-Torres

Davis, Madison
A New Heroism: The Intersection of Collective Sacrifice and Feminism in the Harry Potter Series
Faculty Advisor: Christine Chism

Finley, Aurora
Female Power and the Supernatural in Early Gothic Literature
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Kareem

Giron, Tatianna
Privilege and Prejudice: White Male Protagonists in Crisis in 1960s American Novels
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Mott

Govan, Jekara Noelle
We Are Witches: Octavia E. Butler, Princess Nokia, and the Afro-Fem_Future
Faculty Advisor: Marissa Lopez

Hambro, Sarah
Romantic Illusions: Samuel Coleridge, William Wordsworth, Charlotte Smith, and the Politics of Landscape Poetry
Faculty Advisor: Anahid Nersessian

Henthorn, Andrea Helena
The Art of Mobility: Analyzing Female Travelers’ Asymmetrical Agency in Edith Wharton’s Short Fiction
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Mott

Herbert, Lauren
The Legacy of Ophelia: Manic Pixie Dream Girls and the Problem of Female (Mis)representation
Faculty Advisor: Louise Hornby

Hodgers, Meghan
Commentaries on Society’s Treatment of the Mad in Works of Shakespeare and Hogarth
Faculty Advisor: Helen Deutsch

Kellogg, Anastacia
Utopia Over the Rainbow: L. Frank Baum’s Oz Books and Queer Feminist Exploration
Faculty Advisor: Karen Rowe

Lamen, Sarah
“A Queen of the Desert”: Lady Hester Stanhope’s Performance of Power Through Transvetic Ethnomasquerade
Faculty Advisor: Saree Makdisi

Lopez, Isair Elizame
Negotiating Posthuman Subjectivities: Octavia Butler’s Lilith’s Brood and Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl
Faculty Advisor: Christine Chism

McLiam, Maeve
Shame in Medieval Outlas Tales
Faculty Advisor: Matthew Fisher

Montgomery, Simone
A Text Without a Title in the Service of Justice: The Poetics of Survival in Cross-Racial Conversation
Faculty Advisor: Karen Rowe

Nguyen, Sandra
Writing Screams and Sympathy in The Sympathizer: The Sociopolitical Potential of Contemporary Metafiction
Faculty Advisor: King-Kok Cheung

Reynaga, Randy
On Why This Text Does Not Need a Title Because Whoever Made the Word Title Never Knew What a Title Was, Those Who Knew What a Title Was Didn’t Need Words for It; or, Empathy and the Function of Language in Faulkner
Faculty Advisor: Joe Dimuro