GraduateRecent Dissertations


Jacqueline Ardam
Reading from A to Z: The Alphabetic Sequence in Experimental Literature and Visual Art
Advisor: Prof. Michael North

Ronjaunee Chatterjee
“Women, and Nothing But Women”: Literature and Feminine Singularity
Advisor: Professor Joseph Bristow

Matthew Dubord
The Organization of Organizations: Bureaucratic Administration and Domestic Comfort in the Victorian Sequence Novel
Advisor: Prof. Jonathan Grossman

Christina Richieri Griffin
Omniscience Incarnate: Being In and Of the World in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Advisor: Prof. Jonathan Grossman

Amanda Hollander
The FabianChild: English and American Literature and Socialist Reform, 1884-1915
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Bristow

Kimberly Mack
The Fictional Black Blues Figure: Blues Music and the Art of Narrative Self-Invention 
Advisor: Prof. Richard Yarborough

Francesca Marx
Transformation and Medieval Aristocracy: Werewolves, Lepers and the King’s Body
Advisors: Prof. Baswell, Prof. Chris Chism

Lisa Mendelman
Modern Sentimentalism: Feeling, Femininity, and Female Authorship in Interwar America
Advisor: Prof. Michael North

Christian Reed
Genre and Belonging in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
Advisor: Prof. Christopher Looby

Shirley Tung
A Self-Reflexive Journey: Imagining Identity in the Eighteenth-Century Travel Narrative 
Shirley Tung
Advisor: Prof. Felicity Nussbaum

Amanda Waldo
The Ethical Consumer: Narratives of Social and Environmental Change in Contempoarary American Literature
Advisor: Prof. Allison Carruth

Daniel Williford
The Aesthetic Book of Decadent Literature, 1870-1914
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Bristow

Amy Wong
Victorian Talk: Human Media and Literary Writing in the Age of Mass Print
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Bristow