GraduateRecent Dissertations


Gillian Adler
Seeing Time: Boethius and the Ethics of Perspective in Chaucer’s Dream Visions and Troilus and Criseyde
Advisors: Professor Chris Chism, Professor Matthew Fisher

Sara Burdorff
The Belly and the Beast
Advisor: Professor Joseph Nagy

John Caughey
How to Become an Author: The Art and Business of Literary Advice Handbooks from 1884-1940
Advisors: Professor Jonathan Grossman, Professor Mark McGurl

Katherine Charles
The Interpolated Tale in the Early Novel
Advisor: Professor Felicity Nussbaum

Daniel Couch
The Imperfect Form: Literary Fragments and Politics in the Early American Republic
Advisor: Professor Christopher Looby

Leigh-Michil George
Comical Consciousness: Caricature and the Novel, 1726-1837
Advisors: Professor Jonathan GrossmanProfessor Felicity Nussbaum

Christine Gottlieb
The Death of Gender: Queer Cadavers on the Early Modern Stage
Advisors: Prof. A.R. BraunmullerProf. Lowell Gallagher

Renee Hudson
Revolutionary Futures: Romance and the Limits of Transnational Forms 1910-1986
Advisor: Prof. Yogita Goyal

Laura Pierson Lorhan
Puzzling Modernity
Advisor: Prof. Michael North

Alexandra Milsom
According to the Book: Tour Groups & English Writing, 1789-1901
Advisors: Prof. Ali Behdad, Prof. Joseph Bristow

Holly Moyer
The Captive’s Audience: Captive Selfhood and Narrative Authority from Chaucer to Shakespeare
Advisors: Prof. Chris Chism, Prof. Lowell Gallagher

Michael Nicholson
After Time: English Poetry and Anachronism, 1700-1850
Advisors: Prof. Helen Deutsch, Prof. Anne Mellor

Brendan O’Kelly
The Unseen in the Modern Image World
Advisor: Prof. Michael North

James Reeves
Unbelief: Atheism in the Literary Imagination, 1790-1800
Advisor: Prof. Felicity Nussbaum

Samir Soni
Un/Settling Travelers: The British Novel Set in India, 1760-1820
Advisor: Prof. Felicity Nussbaum

Taylor Walle
Viva Voce: The Living Voice in Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century
Advisor: Prof. Felicity Nussbaum