GraduateRecent Dissertations


Comfort Azubuko-Udah
Unwritten Spaces: African Literature and Charismatic Spatiality
Advisor: Prof. Goyal

Ellen Bistline
The Realism of Seeing the Text in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Advisor: Prof. Grossman

Jacqueline Barrios
London’s Pacific Rim: East Asian Emplacements of the British Capita
Advisors: Prof. Grossman, Prof. Makdisi

Timothy Fosbury
Persistent Futures of Bermudas Past: Genres of Geography and Race in Early America
Advisor: Prof. López

Mark Gallagher
Affective Transcendentalisms: Sense and Spirit in Emerson, Peabody, Thoreau, and Melville
Advisors: Karen E. Rowe, Daniel Walker Howe

Chelsea Kern
Reading the Machine: Digital Reading Practices and the Contemporary U.S. Novel
Advisors: Prof. Snelson, Allison Carruth

Lauren (Becky) King
Reaching Readers: Textual Engagement and Personalized Learning in the Works of Christine de Pizan and Geoffrey Chaucer
Advisor: Prof. Chism

Effren Lopez
Arrested Solidarities: Resistance and Racial Contact Zones in the 19th Century U.S.
Advisor: Prof. López

Craig Messner
Speech as Writing: Literary Dialect Orthography in the United States 1790-1930
Advisor: Prof. Looby

Hannah Nahm
Alien Love: Passing, Race, and the Ethics of the Neighbor in Postwar African American Novels, 1945 – 1956
Advisor: Prof. Yarborough

Gregory Toy
Asian American Narratives of Building and Unbuilding: An Exploration of Infra-Structural Method
Advisor: Prof. Lee

Michael Vignola
The Reform Aesthetic: Political Futurity and the Novel
Advisor: Prof. Grossman

Andrew Wagner
Racial Prosthesis: Shakespearean Properties of Whiteness
Advisor: Prof. Little