GraduateRecent Dissertations


Kate Bolton Bonnici
Becoming Dead in Early Modern English Literature: a Lucretian Poetics
Advisor: Prof. Gallagher

Kimberly Calder
World Ecology, Indigeneity, and Epistemology in Countercultural American Literature
Advisor: Prof. Heise

Jessica Horvath Williams
A Monster of Virtues: Female Ideality, (Dis)Ability, And Nineteenth-Century Womanhood
Advisor: Prof. Deutsch, Prof. Yarborough

Jay Jin
Rhetorics of Scale In Literary & Scientific Discourse
Advisor: Prof. North

Ji Eun Lee
Walking London: Urban Gaits of the British Novel, Jostling, Prowling, Wooshing 1855-1909
Advisor: Prof. Grossman

Kirsten Lew
Deviant Representations: Discourses of Sexuality and Facilitations of Intersectionality in American Film and Literature, 1918-1945
Advisor: Prof. McHugh, Prof. Yarborough

Samantha Morse
Dread: The Literary History of a Political Affect, 1750-1900
Advisor: Prof. Kareem

Grant Rosson
Writing Country: Geography and American Literature in the Nineteenth Century
Advisor: Prof. Looby

Jeremy Schmidt
Three Very Short Poems: The Verbal Economics of Twentieth-Century American Poet
Advisor: Prof. North

Robert K. Smith
Representing Radical Politics in Anglophone Caribbean Literature After Independence
Advisor: Prof. Sharpe

Sujin Youn
Novels That Enact: Capitalist Storification and Emerging Forms in Contemporary Fiction
Advisor: Prof. Seltzer