GraduateRecent Dissertations


Julia Callander
Plagiarists, Sodomites, and Cannibals: Authorship and the History of Sexuality, 1740-1820
Advisor: Professor Helen Deutsch

Deborah Donig
Leave Nothing to the Imagination: Glimpses of the Ineffable After 1945
Advisor: Professor Jenny Sharpe

Jason Morphew
Hamlet‘s Petrarchism
Advisors: Prof. Helen Deutsch, Prof. Lowell Gallagher

Sarah Nance
The Pathologies of Flesh: Temporalities of Feminine Embodiment in Contemporary Poetry
Advisor: Prof. Helen Deutsch

Alethia Shih
Or Not Growing Up: Resizing Children’s Fantasy, 1865-1952
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Bristow

Sharon Tran
Between Asian Girls: On Female Homosociality/Homoeroticism
Advisor: Prof. Rachel Lee

Brandy Underwood
Witnessing Violence:  Affect Theory, Crowds, and African American Fiction
Advisor: Prof. Richard Yarborough

Joyce Warren
Theorizing the Pō: Genealogy, Time, and Space in Polynesian Literature
Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth DeLoughrey

Lindsay Wilhelm
Evolutionary Aestheticism: Scientific Optimism and Cultural Progress, 1850-1913
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Bristow