GraduateRecent Dissertations


Stacie Cassarino
American Food Culture, the Language of Taste, and the Edible Image in Twentieth-Century Literature
Advisor: Prof. Michael North

David Chase
Homing Desires/Desiring Homes: The Construction of Queer Domestic Space in Contemporary American Literature
Advisor: Prof. Arthur Little

Guadalupe Escobar
Arms of Amnerica: Latina Literary Re-Interventions & Reinventions
Advisor: Prof. Rafael Pérez-Torres

Tara Fickle
Serious Play : Race, Game, Asian American Literature
Advisors: Prof. Rachel Lee, Prof. Mark McGurl

Daniel Gardner
Urban Frontiers, Ethnic Fictions: Revising the Frontier Myth in the Writings of Mike Gold, James T. Farrell, and John Fante
Advisors: Prof. Blake Allmendinger, Prof. Cooper (CSU Long Beach)

Aaron Gorelik
The AIDS Poets, 1985-1995: From Anti-Elegy to Lyric Queerness
Advisor: Prof. Arthur Little

Alice Henton
Spectral Evidence of an Invisible World: Gender and the Puritan Supernatural in American Fiction, 1798-1856
Advisor: Prof. Michael Colacurcio

Alex Hernandez
Modernity and Affliction: The Making of British Bourgeois Tragedy
Advisor: Prof. Felicity Nussbaum

Katherine Isokawa
The Surprising Times of the Modernist Novel
Advisor: Prof. Michael North

Susan Lewak
Sustainable Gardens of the Mind: Beat Ecopoetry and Prose in Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Publications
Advisor: Prof. Michael North

Justine Pizzo
Solid Air: Victorian Atmosphere and Female Character in British Fiction 1847-1891
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Bristow, Prof. Jonathan Grossman

Emily Runde
Ways of Reading and Framing Collection In Late Medieval England
Advisors: Prof. Matthew Fisher, Prof. Donka Minkova

Sara Torres
Marvelous Generations: Lancastrian Geneologies and Translation Late Medieval England and Iberia”
Advisors: Prof. Matthew Fisher, Prof. Donka Minkova

Fuson Wang
The Immune Response: Romanticism and the Radical Literary History of Smallpox Inoculation”, Fuson Wang,
Advisors: Prof. Anne Mellor, Prof. Saree Makdisi

Katherine Webster
Novels of the Nation: Literary Theory, Post-Revolutionary Republicanism, and the Rise of the Novel in America, 1789-1812
Advisors: Prof. Michael Colacurcio, Prof. Karen Rowe