GraduateRecent Dissertations


Benjamin Beck
Matters of Life: Writing Lives in the Age of United States Slavery
Advisor: Prof. Christopher Looby

Kathryn Cai
Nascent Articulations of Feeling: Affective Care Labor in Emerging Postcolonialist and Late Capitalist China-U.S. Circuits
Advisor: Prof. Rachel Lee

Angelina Del Balzo
“Furbish’d Remnants”: Theatrical Adaptation and the Orient, 1660-1815
Advisor: Prof. Felicity Nussbaum

Shawn Cailey Hall
Visceral Romanticism: The Literature and Culture of Digestion, 1780-1830
Advisor: Prof. Saree Makdisi

Jonathan Kincade
Adaptation, Remediation, and Reciprocity in Narrative Video Games
Advisor: Prof. Ursula Heise

Crescent Rainwater
Fashioning Feminist Aestheticism in the Early Twentieth-Century Novel: Lucas Malet, Netta Syrett, Dorothy Richardson, and Fin-De-Siècle Culture
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Bristow

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