GraduateRecent Dissertations


Sharon Chon
Narrating the Visual: Seeing Race in Asian American Literature
Advisor: Prof. Jinqi Ling

William Clark
Time’s Citizens: American Fiction and the Sexual Politics of U.S. Civic Membership, 1886-1929
Advisors: Prof. Christopher Looby, Richard Prof. Yarborough

Kimberly Hedlin
The Book of Job in Early Modern England
Advisor: Prof. Debora Shuger

Allison Hegel
Social Reading in the Digital Age
Advisor: Prof. Allison Carruth

Boram Claire Kim
“A Little Out of Its Due Course”: The Appeal of the Digressive Chronotope in the Early English Novel
Advisor: Prof. Helen Deutsch

Gabriel Mehlman
“And Now Here is the Unreal Real”: The Transformation of American Realisms, 1892-1925
Advisors: Prof. North, Prof. Seltzer

Sydney Miller
“Weather ex Machina: Climatic Determinism and the Fiction of Causality in the Twentieth-Century Novel
Advisor: Prof. Michael North

Eric Newman
Queer Orientations: Desire, Race and Belonging in Queer American Literature 1900-1940
Advisor: Prof. Yogita Goyal

Erica Onugha
Abberant Time: The Peculiar Temporalities of Black Women’s Labors in Nineteenth-Century African American Autobiographies
Advisor: Prof. Richard Yarborough

Megan Smith
In the Likeness of: Christology, Gender, and the Self-Emptying Subject in Early Modern Literature
Advisor: Prof. Lowell Gallagher

Alexandra Verini
“A New Kingdom of Femininity”: Women’s Utopias in Early English Culture and Imagination
Advisor: Prof. Chris Chism, Prof. Lowell Gallagher