Grossman, Jonathan- Previous Courses

Grossman, Jonathan- Previous Courses

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UCLA — Full UCLA course pages are not available to outside users. My apologies for this, but it allows for copyrighted material to be distributed online, for student discussion forums, and so on. Links below are only to syllabi.


Small Sample of Graduate & Undergraduate Individual Studies:

Silver-Fork Fiction
Victorian Seamstresses
Prep for Part One Exam, Victorian List
Henry James, Serialization, Systems Theory
Nicholas Nickleby and Drama

niversity of Delaware (1997-2002)

Undergraduate Courses Victorian Fiction
(Spring 2002) The Pickwick Papers
(Spring 2002) British Literature II
(Fall 2001) Victorian Fiction
(Fall 2000) Dickens Seminar
(Fall 2000) British Literature II
(Spring 2000) Victorian Short Fiction
(Fall 1999) Introduction to the Novel (Fall 1999) Victorian Fiction (Spring 1999) British Literature II (Spring 1999) Seminar: Victorian Novel (Spring 1999) Introduction to the Novel (Spring 1998) The Sensation Novel (Spring 1998) British Literature II (Fall 1997) Victorian Fiction (Fall 1997)


Independent Studies
“Literary Theory and Historical Objects” (graduate)
“Magic & Conjuring in the Nineteenth Century” (graduate)
“Thomas Hardy” (undergraduate)
“Afrikaner Identity in South African Literature” (undergraduate)

Two courses from the University of Pennsylvania:

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